Watson and Sons Advisory Pty Ltd is committed to honesty and transparency.  We want to be sure that you know who you are dealing with, what we do and how much it may cost before you decide if we are the right people to partner with.  To help you in determining this we have put together some examples of the advice we have provided to clients and our professional service fees.  A detailed quote will be provided to you after our first meeting, which is on us!

Kick Start for Young Families

2,110 payable after 6 months or 200 p / month for 12 months

60 p/m ongoing

We know that starting off on the right foot can be hard. To help you we have put together a special package that covers off the important bases so that you can start your professional life on the right path.

Setting up you bank accounts, assisting in moving direct debits and automating your processes, so you can live you life without worrying about your money.

Setting up a superannuation account or consolidating funds into one account

Protection of your Income and your Life to make sure you future lifestyle is secure and your loved ones are looked after adequately.

Estate planning (the legal documents to be sure that there is someone to look after your children, and to assist you if you can not make financial decisions - this includes the cost of simple wills, Powers of Attorney and Powers of Guardianship) If you require more complex documents we will discuss what the costs of this will be. *

*We are not legal practicioners - All legal documents will be prepared by a third party that is a legal practicioner and they will discuss the contents with you.

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Time to move faster

3,300 one-off

160 p/m ongoing

Cashflow Automation

Debt Structuring review to minimise interest payments and maximise speed of repayment

Superannuation Consolidation and Future Planning of your retirement

Protection for you and your family

Investment for school fees / the kids futures

Estate Planning, to ensure it all goes to the right people (Legal Documentation to be provided by a legal practitioner - costs to be determined depending upon your situation)

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time to sit back and enjoy life

minimum of 4,400+ one-off

330 p/m ongoing minimum

Assistance in deciding what type of retirement you want, and what you are going to do

Let you know how much you can retire on, or how long it will last

Consolidation of Superannuation if required

Assistance in how to manage any investments you may have

Setting up an ongoing cash flow to fund your retirement

Charitable Giving

Determination and structuring to maximise any available benefits

Assistance in how to pass money on to the next generation

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