Financial Advice should push you to do more than you thought possible, to dream the big dreams.

The second meeting is designed to show you what is possible given your situation, to dream that little bit bigger.  We will walk through what we are proposing to help you with, what is possible and challenge you to go further on your journey than you thought was possible.

The meeting will touch on areas such as:

  • Cashflow Management (how best to utilise bank accounts and mortgages)

  • Wealth Protection

  • How to create and grow your wealth

  • What to invest in

  • Are there any Centrelink benefits to look into?

  • Superannuation or Self Managed Superannuation?

  • Retirement Planning

The second meeting will help to formalise the work that we proposing to do, our fees and time frames, and give you the opportunity to assess whether we take the next step in our partnership and move it to providing you with advice.  If you feel that there is a benefit to formalising our partnership we will move forward to the Do meeting.