Watson and Sons Advisory is dedicated to helping people find the right path on their journey through life.

John and Robert, father and son, came together to form Watson and Sons Advisory in 2016, after many years (30+) working in separate financial advice businesses.  Their strength comes from their diverse backgrounds, which allows them to provide consistent and high quality advice to all their clients in a wide variety of areas.  They believe that good advice empowers clients to take their journey with confidence, knowing that Watson and Sons Advisory will be standing beside them.  The new beginning allows the business to focus on existing clients, whilst also having the capacity to help more people achieve the journey they want through their life.

Our Values

Our values are simple.  We want to provide you with unwavering support and help with your financial decisions.  We want you to achieve impressive outcomes, so to assist we will provide you with:

  • Organisation.  We will help you get and keep your finances in order.

  • Accountability.  We want you to dream big, and to ensure you get there we will assist you in prioritizing your goals, taking the steps to get there, and then making sure you stay on track.

  • Objectivity. We bring external insight to help you make financial decisions that are driven by your goals, not emotions.

  • Education.  We want to be your partners in success, so we will work with you to ensure you have the knowledge to facilitate your decisions, and explaining your options and risks of options.

  • Partnership.  We want you to live the life you always wanted, and we will work with you to achieve this.  We will do this by understanding what is most important to you, work collaboratively with you, and giving you transparency on costs.

  • Support.  Life changes and we will assist you in assessing any potential changes, and create the necessary plans to suit.