But we also know that you want to know where to start.  You want to make sure everything is going to be ok, and that one day you will get the house, have the family and be able to settle down.

That's why we came together to start Watson and Sons Advisory.  Because we also know that they don't teach all this stuff at school and now it is the time to start the journey on the right foot.  We also know that things like super and shares may not be your priority, right now, but one day it may be the tool that lets you stop working, or allows you to take that trip around the world you wished you had done at 30.  And you know what? That's ok too.  

Working with Watson and Sons Advisory is about giving you the structure to ensure you can do what you want. We work with our clients to put in place automated cash flow systems (no not a budget - you tell me who that works for!) that take the guess work out of paying bills, savings and knowing what is left for the fun stuff.  We also make sure that you are protected, so that if you can't go to work you still can buy some food, and yes we will make sure your super is working for you.  

So if you feel that your finances are like a maze, why don't you give us a call, or pop in for a chat and see if we can work together to make your path clear.