News Years resolutions? Why your 'why' is more important

As we head into the Christmas break, it is a great time to sit and and spend time with those we love.  For many it will be a time of reflection and a time of renewal as we look forward to the new year.  How many years have you spent January 1, really January 2 if we are honest, making our New Year's resolution, only to forget them by January 3 or February 1?  So why do we do it every year?  

I truly believe that every person I have met, wants to do bigger and better things with their life.  They don't want to settle for surviving.  But then the reality of life gets in the way.  We all want to lose weight, we want to quit smoking and make our lives better.  We want to put some money away, to put ourselves in a financial position that is better than the year just gone by.  So where do we go wrong?

There is so much noise out there about how to go and get things, how to be a millionaire, why to write a to do list, why not to write a to do list, that honestly, my brain hurts!  So how about we forget all that for now?  How about we start again.  

You see, it is all noise.  The to do list's don't matter, the plan to save money, whilst noble, doesn't either , if we don't truly know 'why' we are doing it.  Your 'why' is your clarity, your purpose.  It is also the first thing we forget about as we race around trying to make end's meet, or rushing the kids to sport.  Your 'why' is yours, it can't be owned by anyone else, and it may not be the same as your partners.  Your 'why' is intrinsic, it is at the heart of who you are, who you want to be.  It should also be at the heart of all of our decisions.  If we aren't heading towards our 'why' and living the life we want to live, on purpose, then we are really just floating around, getting knocked about by the waves in the great big sea of life.  That's why the 'why' should come before you 'how'.  

Imagine you purpose in life was to travel around the world, showing your children that the life they have is wonderful, that the toys etc are not what makes their life great.  What would your 'how' be then?  To save funds to make it a reality?  If it was what you truly wanted to do then knowing 'why' you are saving makes it that much easier to achieve.  Now, if we didn't know why we're saving, but we set ourselves a goal to save $20,000 in a year.  It would take scrimping and cutting back to achieve, and would definitely take a lifestyle change to achieve.  If we were just doing because it felt like the right thing to do, how many of us could truly say that they could do it?  The clarity of purpose makes it that much easier for us to make the changes neccesary to live that dream.

So how do we rediscover our why?  Personally, I start with clients by asking why money is important to them, then why that answer is important to them and so on, until we can't go any further.  For some this is easy, natural, for others this may be the first time they have ever thought about this.  As you go through the exercise the idea is to realise that the money isn't the goal, it is what it allows you to do that matters.  Whether that is travelling the world, charity or helping family, your 'why' becomes your guiding light, your inspiration.  So instead of sitting there thinking of things you think sound good, or you meant to do last year, let's take a moment to work towards a life that is lived achieving your purpose.

Once you know your 'why', you can work on the how.

Want to know more about finding your 'why'?  Check out this TED talk by Simon Sinek.  If you aren't sure that the 'why' matters, you have to check out this video. 

If you need help working out what financial steps you need to take to meet your 'why', why not give us a call and we can work towards that goal together.